Onsite Chair Massage

Clothed, Seated Chair Massage is the most popular, effective and highly acclaimed service at the workplaces we visit nationwide. Sickness due to musculo-skeletal problems is one of the largest contributors to workplace absence so this is a perfect way to fulfil your responsibilities to the health and wellbeing of your teams, whilst also giving them an enjoyable and healthy "work perk"!

Office clothed seated massage on back and shoulders
  • We help reduce work-related stress and absenteeism
  • Each individual receives bespoke advice from our team, which builds a healthy ethos across the business
  • We act as an "early warning" system for people who may need other support or intervention to avoid more serious physical or mental issues
  • We can visit on the day of the week or part of the month where absenteeism is at its highest to encourage staff to attend

It is our experience that when a company pays for their staff as part of their occupational health and wellbeing policy, there is almost 100% staff take-up of our services. This is important, as it creates a healthy, happy culture within the organisation without exclusion to those on lower incomes, who in many ways may need health and well-being advice as much (or even more) than those who can afford access to massage in their own time.

Regularity of massage has a powerful impact on ongoing wellbeing, and having the therapist(s) placed in a visible communal area throughout their visit will help make your teams more aware that the service is provided for them. We tend to find this approach encourages and improves accessibility and engenders goodwill from staff. We can also discuss health and lifestyle issues with staff as we work to encourage staff to focus on their wider health.

We would recommend a minimum regular visit of once a month for each individual who wishes to see us. The frequency of our visits and the number of therapists you require can be calculated by the number of staff you have. Each therapist can see 4 people in an hour by means of 15-minute sessions.

Massage Rates

Please Contact Us for a no obligation free quote - We are extremely competitive plus offer generous discounts for regular bookings. We charge a simple hourly rate - there no minimum term, no administration charges or hidden costs.

Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage, Using a Couch – This type of massage is much more in keeping with what you would receive when visiting a spa or therapy clinic. Set in a private room and using towels to cover the client and keep them warm, the therapist uses a combination of smooth strokes, pressure and rhythm to relax the mind and muscles.

These are particularly effective in combating muscular aches and pains related to sporting activity, working posture or long term injuries.

Massage can help to:

  • Reduce pain by decreasing muscle tone
  • Improve circulation and lymphatic flow to improve the health of your tissues
  • Assist in the removal of metabolic waste after exercise
  • Remodel and break down scar tissue following an injury

We can tailor a program that suits the needs of your business and will inspire your colleagues to achieve their potential!

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