What are muscle knots and why do they occur?


Predisposing Activities Causing Metabolic Waste and Acid in the Muscles

Certain activities will put you at risk for developing trigger points, or muscle knots and soreness. These activities can be difficult to identify but could include holding a phone between your shoulder and ear for extended periods of time, sitting in a chair with little to no back support, lifting things improperly and bending over a desk for a long period of time and many more. Stopping the predisposing activities can help to relieve the muscle knots and soreness, or prevent them from developing in the first place.  It is unlikely that you are able to stop these predisposing activities, especially if some are part of your working day.

Regardless of the cause these knots they can be eliminated through regular deep tissue massage.  It has been identified that the knots you feel are a build up of lactic acid and metabolic waste in the muscle.  It collects in pockets forming a hardness in the tissue of the muscle. Massage can aid this by breaking down the waste in the muscle tissue, bringing increased blood flow to the area and allowing the blood flow to remove the toxins and waste.  Massage smoothes out the muscle fibres and encourages relaxation.

Regular massage prevents further build up and reduces pain and tension caused by predisposing activities.

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